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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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bethel island. nobody can fight a fire. >> reporter: essentially these homeowners and sometimes firefighters feel they can't win. coming up we'll take a look at special challenges that firefighters and homeowners face on bethel island. it has a lot to do with a lack of cash and a lack of infrastructure. the american civil liberties union is suing the city of san francisco and its police department. the aclu is hoping to stop officers from searching cell phones without a warrant. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of civil rights activist bob offer. he says officers searched his phone without a warrant after he was arrested for peaceful civil dis bead yen yens. so far no comment from the police department and city attorney. also the district attorney's office has decided at least for now not to charge a man suspected of i killing a newspaper vendor. the da says right now there's
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not enough evidence to charge mark anthony cassel with murder. police say he lifted 77-year- old dallas airs without warning and then dropped him to the pavement. the long time san francisco chronicle vendor died of his injuries a few weeks later. the da's office says it's not ruling out the possibility of charging cassel some time in the future. in the meantime he remains in custody on unrelated drug and theft charges. grief counselors were available at lincoln high school as word spread that the victim was an eleventh gladier at the school. officials have identified donye as the pedestrian killed on the train tracks. the school's principal said he was known for his love of music. there's no word on why he was on the tracks. san jose police are looking for a light colored suv involved in a drive by shooting. the shooting happened just before 8:00 last night on
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hopkins drive. school leaders ran outside when they heard the shots and offered help to the victim. he suffered at least one gunshot wound and is expected to recover. school officials say they believe he may have been a former student at fisher but the shooting was not school related. >> it didn't involve the activities on campus. wasn't directed at the school. we have lots of staff here this morning to make sure that the school gets off to a smooth start. >> police are looking into gang connections. they're checking on two or three individuals who were with the victim when he was shot. the changes to hayward streets is only days old and the city is already hearing from people. the project has converted two way streets to one way traffic. some drivers say the changes are confusing and dangerous. they say there's not enough warning before they encounter on coming traffic. ktvu asked a city official about that today and he says overhead signs that will be easy to see are coming soon.
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>> the signs are being made as we speak. and they're going to be going up in the next few days or week. that concern is valid. >> the city says starting tonight there will also be improvements to traffic lights. the loop is still a work in progress. it'll be months before the construction is finished. in san francisco there is new hope for the homeless. this time it's coming from the high-tech world. david stevenson is here and shows us what hundreds of tech companies and their employees are doing to try to make a difference. >> reporter: last week we saw bay area and silicon valley tech companies come together. this week to take on homelessness. the singers sang "lean on me" today in san francisco. the program brings together medical, social and housing services to aid the city's
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estimated 6400 homeless people. >> our waiting list is at record levels. over 260 families are on the list. >> reporter: project homeless connect is now partnering with the san francisco citizens initiative for technology and innovation. it's a consortium of companies representing 25,000 employees. >> the hope is we can generate thousands of dollars of resources that will go into direct services to help people on the streets. >> reporter: resources including volunteers, money and even software. >> there is a lot of creative capital that's out. >> reporter: tech company neighborhoodland was on site to encourage the public to use its site to brainstorm solutions. >> people have thought about this issue. it confronts all of us on a day- to-day basis. >> reporter: they hope tech companies will help streamline the process to get services. >> a lot of things are done on paper.
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paper takes forever. if people could do the sign up now then they could have access to the services sooner. >> reporter: advocates say they hope the tech companies can help clear up backlogs, section 8 and public housing lists and provide jobs for skilled homeless workers. in los angeles county former bell mayor oscar hernandez and four council members were convicted of widespread corruption. they paid themselves up to $100,000 a year by raising taxes and fees in a small city where one in four people live below the poverty line. the scheme included the creation of a nonfunctional agency that paid each of them $13,000 a year. a sixth defendant was cleared. the jury continues to deliberate on some charges. in colorado police are searching for a dark-colored boxy car that may be connected to the killing of the head of colorado's corrections
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department. tom clements was shot and killed in his home in the town of monument last night. authorities say witnesses saw a car fitting that description leaving the scene about 8:30 p.m. police say the 58-year-old heard a knock at his door and when he answered it he was shot and killed. the governor appointed clements back in 2011. colorado's governor signed three landmark gun bills. the bills require background checks for private and online gun sales. they also ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. >> signed today several bills that materially make our state safer in the long run and allow us to begin to address some of these issues head on. a state traditionally takes pride in gun ownership. president obama is in
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israel after a first day of a three day visit. this is the president's first trip to the region since he took office. this began with this tour. mr. obama had separate meetings with israeli president and israeli prime minister. >> america's support for israel security is unprecedented. >> israel remains committed to peace and the solution of two states. >> president obama met with him at the prime minister's private residence. focusing on peace between israelis and palestinians along with preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. president obama also spoke today about the situation in syria saying he is skeptical of claims by the government that rebel forces have used chemical weapons. they've ause caused each other
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of using such weapons yesterday. 31 people died in the most recent fighting. president obama says the u.s. is investigating to see if any chemical weapons were used. the federal reserve said stimulus is still needed. the economy has become stronger after a pause late last year. more needs to be done. he says as long as inflation remains mild he plans to keep short term interest rates at record lows until unemployment falls to 6.5% and that's not expected to happen until 2015. on wall street the comments helped drive the markets higher. the dow closed up almost 56 points. the nasdaq was up 25. the s&p was up more than 10 points. growing concern over genetically engineered seafood. the significant step taken by some large u.s. retailers. still a few light showers outside right now.
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you see the clouds. how long do they last and when do we warm up again? i'll have the time lines back in 10 minutes. l month long as one of our march featured values, the newest way to enjoy subway every day! subway. eat fresh.
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some popular bay area supermarkets are pushing back against genetically-engineered seafood. alex savidge tells us about the safety concerns behind this growing national movement. whole foods market and trader joe's are among the more than 2000 stores promising not to sell genetically-engineered seafood. the retailers signed this college, part of a campaign. >> i think this is really encouraging. i think this is a big move concern the group is worried about the safety of genetically modified seafood. particularly concerned about this experimental salmon. >> we don't know defin tiffly
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that this animal is safe to consume. the bigger picture is we want better safety assessments for this. >> reporter: the salmon can grow up to market size in half the time it takes a conventional salmon. if it gets fda approval it would be the first genetically engineered animal to be sold. they say their salmon is safe and healthy. he's disappointed stores are refusing to sell it. shopper history varied opinions on this pledge. >> i think it's a really good idea. and then because we enjoy salmon and we have a taste for it, i think it's going to hopefully wake us up to okay where is this salmon we want going to come from. >> the backlash against the idea of gmo is a little silly. it's a technology. it's not any more than that. >> reporter: friends of the earth working with the coalition of consumer and environmental groups is now working to get support from more large food retailers.
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trying to keep genetically- modified seafood out of stores. bay area mayors spent part of their day delivering meals to seniors. it's all part of a month long campaign by the meals on wheels program to generate awareness about how many seniors are hungry these days. meals on wheels programs are losing some of their funding. >> it's fun of these programs that provides a network particularly for the seniors in the city. and it's a smart program. >> it's really important to get a balanced meal every day. especially when you're on medication and you have medical issues like i do. it's great because sometimes i can't get out. >> in oakland and piedmont the meals on wheels program delivers about 750 meals per day to home-bound seniors. forgetting your reusable
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grocery bags is going to cost you a little more. the cost of a paper bag has just gone from 10-cents to 25 cents per bag. on april 22nd, earth day, the county plans to extend its plastic bag ban to include restaurants. officials say the goal of the law here is to keep plastic bags off of beaches to prevent polluting month ray bay. governor jerry brown says he's come up with one way for courts to justify set budget cuts. california courts would charge $10 for each public record search. resulting in fewer courtrooms in use an higher fees. opponents say that such a move would restrict access to files the public has a right to view. the u.s. senate passed a spending bill that will keep the government open through the end of september. it locks in $85 billion in spending cuts from the recent sequester. those will mean furloughs and
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cut backs. the measure goes to the house which is expected to approve it tomorrow then send it to president obama to prevent a government shutdown next week. a bay area boy scout council has become the first in the country to call for the boy scouts to drop its policy banning openly gay adults and youth. a recent survey conducted by the council found that 65% of respondents wanted current membership policy changed and 81% of the council's active scouts favor dropping the ban as well. last year they denied a boy his eagle scout rank because he is openly gay. it will work to pressure the boy scouts to change their membership policy. the wet weather we've seen here has also been dropping snow up in the sierra. chain controls were in effect early this morning. the weather system caused officials to postpone today's start to the u.s. alpine
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championships at squaw valley. that is expected to start tomorrow and run through sunday. the rain was in and out in about 24 hours just as bill martin told us to expect. >> it wasn't a lot. at times we heavy rain. just scattered showers today. those are going to linger into the evening. as we go through the next 6 hours, expect a few drops on your wind shield. he's live storm tracker 2. you can see the clouds, a setup of the system. as it does hang up up there. that's good news. snow levels are high though. they're up above 5500 feet. out there by 101 going on the freeway, you might have a little bit of wet. that's the way it's been. this isn't substantial stuff. last night, about 8, 9 it
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started to come down good. some places in the north bay did get up to three quarters of an inch of rain. just depended where you were. temperatures outside, at in hayward. these are the right now numbers. here's what you need to know. tomorrow, clouds clear out. temperatures warm up. probably saw that coming. rainfall accumulations, not too bad with this. kind of keeps going. you get into the 10:00, 11:00. more sprinkles around freemont. then that's it. it clears out rapidly after that. temperatures are going to increase. we're looking for numbers to get back into the 70s. so when i come back at 5:45 we'll look at the long range models. not far off now.
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i'll show you which days are going to be the warmest as we go forward. >> more controversy surrounding the tsa. how the agency used a common piece of technology to keep tabs on passengers. this singer stunned the crowd last sunday night with an antigay rant. tonight she is apologizing. why she says it was all a misunderstanding. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this.
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a recent court ruling means that private text messages, e- mails and other electronic communication from san jose officials about city affairs must be made public. this comes following a ruling from a santa clara county judge. the move is meant to close a loophole in the state's public records law. the ruling is a victory for those accusing california of a public records act. ktvu learned -- agents used passengers blue tooth devices to track them through the airport. passenger groups are not happy about it. >> reporter: lines can be long. documents show tsa tested a project to measure how long sensors in the terminal to find your blue tooth device, hone in and track you. and how long it takes you to
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get through security. it detects signals and calculates a wait time. the information would be encrypted and destroyed within two hours. we've learned they tested this technology in 2012 in las vegas and indianapolis. then bailed on it. >> this is an expensive and complicated way of estimating average wait times. compared with having a ticket agent write the time. >> reporter: tsa has been dealing with complaints about how it handles privacy. if not with this technology, then with those enhanced pat down screenings. a spokesman says his group isn't comfortable with blue tooth tracking and that tsa has a history of saying it's keeping passenger information private then changing its story. tsa documents show the agency considered posting warning
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signs. they didn't return comment when asking if the signs were posted. they've since scrapped the program before it came to light publicly through our reporting. >> the tsa told us it did post signs telling passengers the technology was in use. the unemployment rate for veterans is dropping. according to a new government report it dropped from 12.1% in 2011 to 9.9% than last year. both the federal government anteprivate sector are pushing several initiatives to hire veterans. singer michelle shock responded to the uproar over comments she made last weekend about gays during a performance in san francisco. she made the remarks sunday. in a written statement today the singer said she didn't do a
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good job of making her feelings clear. quote, i do not nor have i ever said or believed that god hates homosexuals. i said some of his followers believe that. i am very sorry. i don't always express myself as clearly as i should. several music venues have canceled her upcoming concerts as a result. the mansion near san diego is on the market. it was built more than 100 yearsing a for real estate and transportation tycoon. the asking price for the 10 bedroom 9.5 bath estate is $16.9 million. the mansion was known for its lavish parties. more recently it was known for the 2011 death of millionaires 6-year-old son after a second story fall and his girlfriend's suicide in the house two days later. reporter: the ncaa
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basketball tournament has arrived in the bay area. why some march madness has already begun. reporter: spring time is here. so is a new warning. all in an effort to save elephant seals like this one and harbor seals across the california coast.
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march madness starting in san jose. and it's drawing fans from all over as they follow their schools on the road to the final four. hp pavilion opened its doors for the first time to teams and fans. robert handa shows us. >> reporter: the cal basketball team will take its turn on the court for practice in about half an hour. the bears are playing the marquee game here tomorrow. no matter how far they traveled, fans are all trying to give their team a home court advantage. new mexico state university fans came to the big dance today. arriving at hp pavilion with plenty of cheer.
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the spirit leaders made the trip in style. >> they chartered a flight for the band leaders and players. it's a privilege. >> reporter: new mexico's opponent and its fabs the st. louis university also showed their support. a good luck doll created by a st. louis artist. slu's fans rushed to san jose after winning the atlantic 10 conference title. >> everyone is so thrilled. most of these people just came from brooklyn. they were only home for about 10 hours because we were at the a 10 conference. so it's been minute by minute just go, go, go. >> reporter: san jose and its local businesses are counting on march madness. it means attracting more than alumni from afar but people who are coming with a grown up son. >> he's a huge basketball fan. he's so excited to see cal
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versus unlv. he said that would be, "dope." >> for me they're playing for their schools. playing for the love of the game. the spirit of the students that get behind their teams. that's what i enjoy. >> reporter: and i'm told there are still tickets left. it's hard to predict what shot you'll have once the games start here. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. in danville, police say a missing man has been